What attracted me to the Montessori Method and how I apply it at home

Maria Montessori was an Italian physician and professor of anthropology at University. In the early 1900s she presented a revolutionary approach to education. Dr Montessori’s research work was based on observation of children, which combined with her background in medicine led to her method and approach to education. Her approach is child-centred, which means a view of the child as one who is naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating learning in a supportive, prepared environment. Read More

Roasted Pepper & Turmeric Hummus

I love hummus, not only its creamy texture and delicious taste, but also how versatile and nutritious it is.  Really, you can add any herbs, spices or veggies and it’s very unlikely it would go wrong. I used to buy hummus from the supermarket, but often they are not so tasty. When you make your own hummus you can add so much goodness and flavour to it. I remember I always had to add some extra spices like smoked paprika or olive oil and herbs, to the one’s I bought from the supermarkets. Now that I make my own hummus I add as many herbs and as much flavour as I want to.

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Raspberry & Vanilla Muffins


I was walking by my local street market on Saturday morning, when I saw a deep red, beautiful bowls of raspberries. I was wondering for a while what recipe I could make with them and I couldn’t stop the temptation so I bought a bowl. 

Later on, in the early afternoon when my little one took his nap, I was craving something sweet with a cup of coffee (I really love having ‘me time’, and these days when my little one naps is when I find the time for it). So, I quickly prepared the kitchen and using ingredients that I already had in my kitchen cupboard, I created these super delicious, spongy, yet gooey muffins. Honestly, they were so good! I enjoyed them while they were hot, with a bit of coconut yogurt and my cup of coffeeMy little one also enjoyed his muffin when he woke from his nap (he had it with cold oat milk). Read More