Chocolate & Pumpkin Spice Cake

Photo by Nuraan Ackers

Halloween is nearly here. A most loved festivity for kids and… some adults too. I didn’t grow up celebrating Halloween, nor was I used to the changing seasons, but since I started to live in the northern hemisphere, these two things are now aspects I pay attention to. Especially the changing seasons. I find that the transition from summer to autumn is the biggest change of all. It goes from bright, relatively warm afternoons/evenings to dark, rainy afternoons/evenings. Read More

Raspberry & Vanilla Muffins


I was walking by my local street market on Saturday morning, when I saw a deep red, beautiful bowls of raspberries. I was wondering for a while what recipe I could make with them and I couldn’t stop the temptation so I bought a bowl. 

Later on, in the early afternoon when my little one took his nap, I was craving something sweet with a cup of coffee (I really love having ‘me time’, and these days when my little one naps is when I find the time for it). So, I quickly prepared the kitchen and using ingredients that I already had in my kitchen cupboard, I created these super delicious, spongy, yet gooey muffins. Honestly, they were so good! I enjoyed them while they were hot, with a bit of coconut yogurt and my cup of coffeeMy little one also enjoyed his muffin when he woke from his nap (he had it with cold oat milk). Read More