5 Tips for a more Minimalist Christmas

A few years ago, I decided I will do my best to care less about material things and focus more on things that are meaningful, like spending a nice time doing something interesting. Since I became a mother this feeling became even stronger. I want my son to learn to value more the time he spends with friends or in nature, rather than watching videos, for instance. Also, my family and I live in a very small flat which means we have to be creative and selective of the things we have.

As I decided to have a more minimalist lifestyle, I looked for inspiration and guidance to help me to move towards a more simple, minimalist way of living. During my search, I found Gladys Muller‘s YouTube Channel and I really enjoyed and learnt a lot from her. Gladys’ videos are very well explained, plus if you live in a small space (like many of us in London do) her videos are perfect. She really shows ideas on how you can organize a small space and make the most out of it. Gladys also has a very friendly and approachable manner, which makes her videos even more inspiring to this way of living.

I am incredibly happy to write this post in collaboration with Gladys Muller. I am so thankful I can share with you her tips to have a more minimalist Christmas (especially with kids). Christmas is literally just around the corner. I know the Christmas season and all the celebrations that go with it can be something that you either love or hate. For me, personally it’s a time of the year I really like, I especially like the decorations, the feeling that it’s nearly the end of a year and therefore the excitement of another year starting, the family getting together and so on. However, Christmas season can also be overwhelming, making us feel trapped in the worst excesses of the season’s consumerism.

If you are experiencing this feeling of being overwhelmed about all the presents you have to buy and the money you have to spend. Yet you really don’t know how to get out of this consumerist spiral. Don’t worry! I think many of us have been there at some point. This is why I wanted to share with you this post on how to have a more minimalist Christmas, where we enjoy more with less. Plus, I believe this is an important value we can teach our little ones as they grow. To see Christmas seasons more as a family-friends time, or a period to be thankful for what we have and wish what we want to see in the next year, and so on.

Here are Gladys’ 5 top tips to have a more minimalist Christmas:

1. Start a New Tradition

Starting new traditions is a wonderfully enjoyable way to spend the Holidays to come. Think about the area of struggle, whether it be over purchasing for your spouse, children, family or friends, start a new trend in your sphere. Here are some ideas: plan a trip with your family/kids rather than gifts, bless your spouse year-round so when Christmas comes you don’t have an overwhelming need to overspend, do a secret Santa and be detailed about it – ask the people participating what they are interested in so there are intentional purchases.

2. Remember What the Holiday is About

Think about why you’re celebrating the Holiday, many times we get influenced by media and all the adverting that we lose sight of the Holiday itself. I am going to be bold and say it is most likely not about being stressed, overspending, trying to impress people. Focus your time and resources on the actual reason why you are celebrating.

3. Never Ever Charge Gifts on a Credit Card

Credit has become the norm in our society to spend money we don’t have. Stay within your means, give yourself a budget and stick to it. Allow a little room for error, this month all kinds of party invitations start showing up, remember you will most likely need and want to bring a food dish and/or a gift. Include these “surprise” expenses in your budget.

4. Less is More

This is one of our family mottos especially when it comes to décor.  Decorate lightly, if you already have décor and want to add to it, great! But if you are going to run out and overspend during a month when you already are spending more than usual then maybe only purchase a few “New” items. Also, remember all these decorations will need to be stored, so keeping it light will help with not having clutter year-round.

5. Think MINIMALIST with Food

We love to implement the minimalist concept in every area of our life, including food. We like to eat quality over quantity, even during the Holidays. This month there are usually all kinds of sweets going around, from the office being filled with treats, to our neighbors dropping something off, we still like to make sure we have a quality treat. It is ok to not eat everything given to us or overeat at Holiday parties, be intentional.

Gladys and I hope you find these tips useful and help you to move to a more stress-less festive season. If you want to learn more on how to move to a more minimalist lifestyle, please go and check out Gladys’ YouTube Channel to get more inspirations to make your path towards minimalism fun and easy. Also, we are happy to hear your thoughts about this post or if you want to share what you do to have a more simple and minimalist festive season, please feel free to leave a comment below. You can also reach us on our social media @keepingitdelicious and @limitless.athlete.

Finally, please go and check Gladys’ video where you can get the recipe for this seasonal, plant-based smoothie.

We wish you a Happy Festive Season!


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