A Day Out at the Farm

My husband found out about Mudchute Park and Farm. It is a farm in the city, as contradictory as it sounds. We decided to go since it’s relatively near to where we live and also because we like to take Diego, our son, to visit nature as much as possible.

You can get to the farm via the Docklands Light Railway and you can get off at Mudchute station and have a nice walk along the park to the horse riding arena or you can also get off at Island Garden station.  If you get off at Island Garden you first walk through Millwall Park and enter Mudchute Park and Farm much closer to the horse riding arena.  We did this route as it was easier for us as Diego was in his buggy and it was also very beautiful.

I must admit that when my husband first mentioned it to me I wasn’t so convinced “A farm in the city?”. It didn’t sound appealing to me, but actually, I was wrong. This little farm in the city is very nice and fun. It definitely is a place that your little one will enjoy very much and it’s a nice way to expose them to animals that they often only see in their books or videos.

In fact, Diego has two books (one in English and one in Spanish) that show all the different animals that live in the farm. When we were visiting all the different enclosures where the animals are kept, I was telling him the names as I would tell him when reading the books. He is too young yet to make the associations, but I think he will soon be able to relate what he learns in the books with the real life. I think the next time we visit and he is a bit older, I will bring the images of the different animals from his books. In this way he can make a clearer connection. I believe that exposing children to nature also teaches them to care more about other living creatures. This means planting the seeds in their mind and hearts to care about our planet and all living things.

We went on a sunny Saturday morning and spent about 4 hours there. Even though the farm is not too big, with toddlers it’s better to go at their own pace. The smallest thing can attract their attention and it is better to let them enjoy what they have discovered or what they want to observe. The park also has a nice little café where you can sit and a shop where you can buy special food so the kids can feed the animals. So, here you have a nice suggestion if you are looking for outdoor places to go with your little ones in London.

If you visit or have previously visited the farm, I would love to hear how you planned your visit with your little ones and how you engaged them in their visit.


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